Tree Removal | Dismantling

The Removal of a Tree by qualified Tree surgeons who can safely & expertly Dismantle the tree in sections.


Alongside remedial tree surgery works it is important to recognise when it is sensible to remove trees before they become dangerous for their surroundings & pose a risk to homes & people this includes those specimens that are unsuitable for their location.


Tree Removal for those trees whose size, condition or location warrant their removal by expert tree surgery teams made up of qualified experienced arborists who can either straight fell trees from the ground used in clear open unobstructed areas.


Where trees are more challenging due to the proximity of buildings, structure or other targets other techniques are used, the tree is safely removed in section using aerial systems and advanced climbing and rope assisted removal by skilled experienced tree surgeons.


Tree Dismantling where our teams of experienced Arborists collectively work to remove trees in sections using aerial access techniques using our company Cherry Picker - Mewp  or by one of our qualified Tree surgeons skilled climbers who access the tree wearing a safety harness and rope friction systems, being tied into the tree and then progressively dismantling the tree from within the canopy, with the direct assistance and help of the experienced grounds support team who employ controlled descent and material handling techniques.