Tree Safety Survey [Hazard & Risk Report]

Tree Safety, Reports locate and identify your Trees, we inspect the tree stock checking its Health, Vigour, safety problems,hazards and risks to health for those who own trees considering Retention suitability & Maturity potential [ life span ], carrying out Safety Risk checks coupled with Hazard assessments. Around Property & People that Tree might harm or damage and we carryout evaluation of any interventions that maybe needed


We also look at the Wider social and Practical implications of the trees both Positive & negative & can report on those findings also..


Our reports including location details be it MAPS, location details such as Latitude - Longitude of the trees, we confirm their Botanical & Common names, Size, Dimensions, Age, Describing the characteristics of the tree & indications of what work should be done & how soon those works need doing.


This extensive report when coupled with the location maps, provide a concise management tool,  to help assist manage risk posed by trees and the level of detailed information covered in our report is tailored to the client's needs, which we discuss during the commission of this service.


These are undertaken on large or less extensive geographic areas often on Housing schemes for Social housing providers such as housing associations and land owners or restricted domestic gardens who need to identify the tree stock under their management whether this is in open space  occupied by their tenants.