Tree Surgeons | TPO Applications - Conservation area

TPO  Tree Preservation Order planning services inspecting trees making recommendations & carrying out a planning submission for works to those trees which are Preserved by TPO, or located in a conservation area.


As reputable Arborists we only work on TPO or Conservation area trees, once permissions form the planning authority have been obtained a process which involves your tree[s] being checked by a qualified, professional person, who then make recommendations based on their assessment of the tree and the sites dynamic, these reports are made to the relevant planning authority supporting the application.


We will put together a viable proposal on your behalf and advise you of the likely outcome of any proposal submitted. There are exceptions to the rules such as if the tree is already dead, if the tree is dangerous for example following failure or storm damage and if the limb or limbs to be removed are already dead or dangerous. We would of course advise you fully on a tree by tree basis and in any case would inform the local authority prior to work as a standard courtesy.


As the land owner, there are legal requirements to get permissions prior to instructing tree works tree surgeons or Arborists even when trimming or cutting back, where a TPO is in force or a tree over 75mm girth at DBH when in a conservation area.


There are three main types of TPO which can apply to any size tree or trees in any location.


Individual, Group & Area [woodlands etc]


Conservation Areas CA preserve all trees over 75mm diameter as measure at 1.3 meters from the ground. You can check whether your tree is subject to a TPO or in a CA by contacting your local authority tree officer or planning department.


A simple phone call can avoid costly and embarrassing legal proceedings and substantial financial punishments should any unapproved works be observed or reported. Expert Tree surgeons should take care of any checks and subsequent applications. 


Trees are an integral part of our street scene an provide vistas and views in the countryside, these trees can be protected to preserve the Aesthetic value and ensure the amenity benefit is retained for those who will benefit from their presence.


Trees are living & dynamic structures and during their life cycle they are subject to change by their normal growth, the implication of their setting, out side influences from Pest & Diseases and other environmental issues, therefore from time to time they should be inspected for safety by Arborists there are occasions where trees are no longer viable in that setting and need removal.


We can undertake the application process on your behalf to evidence our findings and draw summary's which we present toward an TPo application for works or intention a notice [Sect  211]  of the intention to carry-out works these are made to the relevant bodies, in line with the obligations as laid out in the Town & County Planning act.


As Professional Arborists we work to Bs3998 [ 2010 ] the guide to carrying out tree works