BS5837 Trees relating to Construction Building report

Planning Pre building report | submitted to planning departments relating to Tree Protection & Methods of works for Construction. 


BS 5837 trees in relation to construction required by planning departments to ensure good practice is observed on Construction sites where works are in proximity to Trees, these reports detail the measures that should be considered when planning a building site - new structures, where there is a potential impact to the trees, these reports take into consideration items including tree guarding provisions, root protection areas.


By undertaking Site assessments these surveys & drawings come together to document subsequent recommendations.


Providing support services to Architects, members of the Royal institute of British Architects contained in the Riba Directory


The quality and value of new developments is directly enhanced by the successful retention of trees and the integration of these existing trees into the Landscape scheme where they remain in good condition  appropriately siting the new buildings and hard landscaping such as roads and footpaths around the trees.


To control the incidence of damage during the sites development - construction phase and reduce the demise of trees adversely affected by improper works methods, as set out in British Standard 5837: 2012 ‘ Trees In Relation To Construction - Recommendations.


To undertake this provision we require a topographical survey, which can be supplied by the client to which we draw representations of the tree stocks crown spread and approximate shape with colour coding legends to easily represent the ‘retention category-worth’ of each tree. Plans are provided to scale where required and are in an electronic format.  

Arboricultural Implication Study

For major developments or developments on sensitive sites a strategic overview of the site's tree cover and the likely impact of construction proposals, to assist with plan preparation and to promote sustainable development. 

Arboricultural Method Statements

These Method statements are for the control of any arboricultural works that are required as identified in the previous and symbiotic reports  as both a planning aid and site management tool to aid the planning process which may reduce the number or extent of conditions imposed by local authorities on development sites where trees may be particularly vulnerable or of high amenity value, as planners can clearly see the pathway to construction wholly including the care for the tree stock..

Our comprehensive statements provide a schedule of operations both before and during the development phase as well as a framework for communication and supervision. 

Planting of New Schemes

New development are required to address the landscape scheme this gives opportunities for new planting which, if chosen correctly, will enhance the scheme as the tree stock grows forward to maturity, successfully improving the overall balance of tree cover on a site & enhancing the Aesthetics of the scheme. The introduction of young trees can help to ensure continuity of cover, provide screening, improve the diversity of species and add general amenity value. We are not landscape designers but our specialist knowledge of trees enables us to aid the choice for new tree planting which should enhance developments with a lasting effect going forward.