Tree Consultants - Safety Reports

Professional Member of the Consulting Arborist Society, Royal Forestry Society Certified Arborist

Grounds Maintenance and Tree Surveying Services.


Trees are under attack from Diseases and pests in the UK Click Here for  details.


Approved Tree Expert


Professional Member of the Consulting Arborist Society


TPO, Tree Preservation Order applications and reports


Tree Mortgage Reports & Insurance reports


Our arboriculturist is qualified to provide tree Mortgage reports & undertake Insurance works for events such as subsidence or Heave.


Provide Tree surveys to produce Tree Risk and Hazard management plans.


A valuable management tool to reduce potential liabilities. Plans are produced in electronic format with annotated maps and worksheets for use on PC based systems.


We have CAD facilities to receive technical drawings


Our service is tailored to the clients individual specification TPO Advice is structured guidance for owners of Trees that are or maybe influenced by Tree preservation. including reports.


BS 5837 trees in relation to construction documented guidance to ensure good practice, detailing measures considered when planning a building site / new structures, where the interaction of trees & these buildings on a proposed development site, including tree guarding provisions, root protection areas. Site surveys & reports Documented analysis of the tree stock and subsequent recommendations.


Bespoke Reports Look at the overall tree stock with regard to aspects such as health, vigour, retention suitability & maturity potential of the stock, risk identification, hazard assessment. The level of detailed information covered is tailored to the clients needs, as discussed prior to the commission of this service.


Arboricultural Implications Surveys How trees may affect or be affected by new structures Home Buyers Mortgage report A formal survey of trees that may have influence over properties to a recognized format accepted by Mortgage companies


THERMAL IMAGING REPORTS a none invasive internal assessment of the dynamics of trees internal structures dysfunction invaluable in the assessment of trees retention potential, often discovering details that may be missed by other methods. Arboricultural Works Method statement outlines procedures to guide contractors during tender processes & the implementation processes required for works specified within a report relating to works to or near to trees often delivered with a Bs5837 report.