Firewood & Woodchip

Firewood Logs

Logs are available in varying sizes, conditions and quantities, our standard pricings are:

*A Builders Bag of Seasoned, Split logs is £80.

*A Half Van Load of Seasoned, Split logs is £120.

*A Van load of Seasoned, Un-Split Logs is £120.

*A Van load of Seasoned, Split logs is £200.

To place your order or for any questions you may have, call us on: 01287 644555.

*Delivery is available with all these options within a 20 mile radius of our yard.

*Collection is available for all of these options but require prior arrangements for collection.

*Pricing is subject to change.

As part of our company commitment to the Environment, we as commercial Tree surgeons process our arisings, turning the timber and branches into Woodchip or firewood. Some are turned into firewood logs, some for woodchip and some are reserved for further uses such as donations to wildlife sanctuaries or for horse exercise arena covering.


The large tree sections are retained and stored & once aged are processed into Split firewood, this firewood can be used by Homeowners in their  Combination multi fuel fires or Garden chimineas

Firewood Logs & Woodchips for home heating & Biomass solutions.

Biomass for, Heating - Electricity Generation  Firewood or Woodchips for Biomass stoves and Biomass boilers or Log burners and Traditional open fires 


Woodchippings, Brushwood is converted into through specialist machinery,


this product which can also be used as  


Menage surfacing used in Horse excerise arena prviding a robust resilient surface which aids in strength works and is somewhat more bouncy than falling onto sand a all round covering.   


Ornemental planted area covering used to cover soil between plants to give a managed appearance


Garden Mulch , acts to reduce weed growth and covers and area with a natural product.

Tree Biomass - Firewood Logs